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The following list has been developed from information provided by members. It is planned that the list should be further developed as additional sources are discovered and by sub-dividing sources, or defining them in more detail.
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1 Published books
1.1 “Chetham Society”, all series and volumes SR
1.2 “Lancashire & Cheshire Record Society”, all volumes
1.3 “Victoria County History of Lancashire” all volumes SGW
1.4 All other Victoria County histories
1.5 Calendar of State Papers in the Public Record Office
1.6 “The Maryland Archives”, all volumes AW
1.7 “Dictionary of National Biography”
1.8 National biographical dictionaries of other countries
1.9 “The Complete Book of Emigrants in Bondage” by P.W. Coldham AW
1.1 The Canonesses Regular of the Lateran at St. Monica’s, Louvain PMW
1.11 “The Seminary Priests”, Volumes 1 & 2 PMW
1.12 “The Letters & Memorials of William Cardival Allen” PMW
1.13 Others
2 World & national indices 
2.1 Boyd’s Index to English Marriages
2.2 Boyd’s London Burials
2.3 Inheritance Disputes Index
2.4 Vicar-General’s Marriage Licence Allegations
2.5 London Apprenticeship Abstracts 1442-1850
2.6 International Genealogical Register
2.7 Others
3 Baptisms, marriages and burials
3.1 Lancashire, Croston and northwards WW
3.2 Lancashire, south of Croston
3.3 Cheshire
3.4 Others in England and Wales
3.5 Ireland
3.6 USA
3.7 Canada
3.8 Others
4 Wills, admons, inventories and probate
4.1 The National Archives, Kew
4.2 Lancashire Record Office, Preston
4.3 Cheshire Record Office
4.4 Other record offices in England and Wales
4.5 Ireland
4.6 USA
4.7 Canada
4.8 Others
5 Other material
5.1 The National Archives, Kew
5.2 British Library, London
5.3 College of Arms, London
5.4 Lancashire Record Office, Preston
5.5 Harris Library, Preston
5.6 Manchester & other Lancashire offices and libraries
5.7 Cheshire
5.8 Other offices in England and Wales
5.9 Scotland
5.1 Ireland
5.11 Maryland
5.12 Connecticut
5.12 Massachusetts
5.14 Others in USA
5.15 Canada
5.16 Others
6 Check list for other material in all offices
6.1 Deeds
6.2 Military records
6.3 Taxation records
6.4 Court records
6.5 Probate records
6.6 Land records
6.7 Memorial records
6.8 Forfeit estate papers (at the Public Record Office)
6.9 Non-Worthington Wills (where they have been indexed)
6.10 Newspapers
6.11 Shipping
6.12 Others
Code Researcher
AW Addison Worthington
PMW    Philip M. Worthington
SGW Stuart G. Worthington
SR Stephen Read
WW William Worthington
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